Katie & David – Somerford Hall

Well, where do I start on this amazing day! From the moment I met Katie & David I knew their day would be filled with fun a laughter and I wasn’t wrong. Somerford Hall is a beautiful venue with great surroundings and plenty of photo opportunities. It’s always great to work with other vendors who you have worked with before as well. Chloe Mccall makeup artist was there getting everyone looking stunning as usual. The day went without hiccup and friends and family all had an awesome time.  Let see what the bride and groom have to say:

How did you proposal go?

I decided to propose when we went away to the lake district. I thought if I proposed on my birthday it would make for double the celebrations (hopefully) and I would never forget the date she said yes!

So we had been out for a walk with the dog and came back to the lodge, we got changed and Katie jumped in the hot tub. While this was going on I was faffing around pretending to take ages when really I was getting the ring ready and trying to hide the nerves.

Katie had always said she wasn’t bothered by a fancy ring, she said she would be happy as long as she got to spend the rest of her life with me. So I decided to get the box the ring came in and got a haribo jelly ring and placed it inside the box. I asked if Katie could come in for a second out the hot tub and after all the swearing and “what did I want now” she walked in and I was down on one knee holding a box (with the jelly ring in). She opened it and literally didn’t know what to say! At this point I got the proper ring box out of my pocket and presented this to her at which point she started crying and eventually said YES!

What was the vision for your wedding?

The vision for the wedding was quite simple, Katie wanted a small wedding with family and a few friends. I don’t think we knew what style we wanted but Katie started looking right away for locations and ideas.

Tell us about your venue.

We did think at one point that we would love everyone to come to the place where we got engaged but the logistics of getting everyone there and on a budget meant we kept on looking. But one of the first venues we came across Somerford hall and even at first glance which was online we knew we had to go and see it. The location being so close to home but with good access from major motorways meant we knew everyone could get there nice and easy. It had enough rooms to accommodate everyone who might want to say but only 5 mins away was a couple of alternatives. The style and décor of the venue meant we could keep it simple yet still look fancy so it ticked all the right boxes.

Tell us about the dress.

I believe the dress choice went really well after first deciding that she had seen a dress online that she was going to get to going to try a few on to getting “THE” dress. Then shoes were cheap and cheerful and she chose a few accessories to go with it but mainly for practical reasons. So she bought a woollen shawl for the evening pictures when we went outside with sparklers. The rest of her jewellery I had bought for her leading up to the big day.

What did David wear?

Grooms attire was easy, I had seen a few different styles of suits I wanted to try but it came down to it being easy to get myself, best man and father in law into the shop to get measured up and we went from there. I knew the colour I wanted and then got encouraged to get the rest of the rental package and we got the whole thing, but I felt really good which is what it’s all about.

What cake did you go for?

The cake was something special to us as we asked Katies Auntie to bake it for us. She is always asked to do birthday cakes etc and as it’s something she does on the side so it’s a lot of extra work but she agreed straight away and both Katie and myself plus all of our guests all said it was just amazing! After a little slip on the stand on the way to the venue it was quickly patched up and we didn’t even notice.

Tell us about your photographer.

We chose Nicholas Rodgers for our photographer as Katie was a bridesmaid for her friend who Nick was also the photographer for on their big day. Katie only had positive things to say about how enthusiastic he was and how he made everyone feel comfortable. We checked his website and found some amazing pictures he had taken for other couples on their big day so the next question was about how much it was going to cost. There was a clear pricing structure online which gave a detailed breakdown of what was included for what price and when we met with Nick for our initial consultation there was no hard upsell or pressure to go for something we didn’t want. From here we kept in touch regarding pictures we wanted and timings etc and he was always contactable either over the phone or by email. Then on our big day he managed to arrange our family and friends (which is no easy job) to capture some amazing photos which we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

Where did you go on honeymoon?

Due to work commitments and holidays etc we decided to go for a minimoon to Anglesey straight after the wedding so we could have a break and take the dog. Then the actual honeymoon we are going to Toronto Canada for 10 days but with a trip to New York in there too. This meant we could save and top up the money our generous family and friends gave us for the wedding. We are so excited and have been doing our research on where to eat, things to do and everything in between. Having never been to America or that side of the world before we are both so excited to go exploring.

Any tips for future couples?

Tips for other couples, the main one is take everything in. Spend as much time just sitting back and enjoying the moment as the day goes so quickly! Nerves take this away from you when your worried about the speeches or making sure everyone is ok and having a good time but everyone is there for you, they love you and have spent money and time to be there to share your special day. We didn’t go mad on buying things that wont be remembered like chair covers or how the napkins are folded but the simple things like blankets for keeping people warm when we got our sparkler photos or the perfume and aftershave samples we put in the toilets just showed that bit of love and its what people will remember or talk about afterwards.


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